established 1992


Artist and Impresario – Professional Partnership


Since over 40 years of my professional activity as impresario of classical music performers, the partnership has always been an essential element of my cooperation with artists. My experience has shown that the cooperation brings the best results when the partnership is fully respected by both parties. There is no need to convince anyone that the good cooperation between the artist and the impresario is extremely important for both – the artist entrusts his affairs to the impresario with the assumption that he will support artist’s career using his knowledge, experience and contacts, while the impresario’s professional existence and reputation is based on the artistic development, successes, and public image of the artist. For this reason, the professional cooperation between them should be as personalized as possible, based on the very concept of partnership, complete openness, and honesty. In such case, I offer to the artist help that reaches far beyond the simple acquisition of contracts, placing him in a comfortable position when he can wholly focus on his artistic tasks; on the other hand, I expect that the artist treats me, his impresario, as the partner who works for him and who often provide quite a significant input in the final artistic success. For this professional partnership I say thank you to the artists represented by my Management.




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